Review: Star Wars Episode VII

The Force Awakens is the newest installment in the Star Wars film series – and significantly more satisfying than the last few to be released.  In terms of plot and structure it takes a lot of cues from the first two films made.  The plot is well-organized and not too complicated to communicate.  Visually it is very cleanly filmed, and the aesthetic fits in well with the expected “Star Wars” look.  Perhaps most impressive is that the trailers played up the hype without giving away the plot twists.

It’s not really a film that could stand on its own.  Coming in, it might  work for a completely new viewer, though all of the references and a lot of the drama would get lost.  Going out, it has set up many questions and answers very few of them, as well as outlining the main tensions for the next couple films, so it is not a finished story.  With that understood, overall I’d give it about a B+.

In a week or so I will be posting a longer bit to discuss some of my thoughts about the plot and background, but for now I am steering well clear of even possibilities of spoilers.