About “Romance of Victory”

What views do I hold?

I am a Christian, Reformed by practice, and a quasi-independent politically.  I created the political label “necessitist” to try to summarize my ideals, which you can consider (for many purposes) libertarian – with some misgivings.

Why “Romance of Victory”?

G. K. Chesterton, a moderately famous author and one of my favorite essayists, wrote a book titled The Man Who Was Thursday.  In his autobiography, Chesterton describes the point he was trying to make: that what is truly “romantic” is not glorious defeat but the stunning fact of success.  “Victory” sounds better than mere mechanical “success”.

Why move the blog?

My previous blog was at blogspot.  I moved the blog following Google’s decision to discontinue Reader, because I was unhappy with Google’s priorities.

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