About “Romance of Victory”

Who am I?

I am a graduate of Hillsdale College (BA Mathematics 2008), currently employed as a math teacher by a small private school in Washington, DC.

In my free time, I play chess and Diplomacy (mainly online), occasionally play Ultimate frisbee, dance (swing and contra) for fun, read a lot, and watch way too much sports (mainly football (many kinds) and Starcraft (which is, yes, not exactly a sport)).  Also I try to stay politically and socially informed, and then I write about it.

What views do I hold?

I am a Reformed Christian, and a quasi-independent politically.  By this I mean I like to believe I think independently, but quite often end up voting near-straight Republican.  By intellectual conviction I call myself a “necessitist”, which you can consider (for many purposes) libertarian – with some misgivings.

Why “Romance of Victory”?

G. K. Chesterton, a moderately famous author and one of my favorite essayists, wrote a book titled The Man Who Was Thursday.  It is what you might call meta-fiction – a term I am using here to mean fiction with a point, and that point then expressed as the worldview, or more accurately in the character, of a protagonist.  At any rate, discussing this book in his autobiography, Chesterton mentions the point: that what is truly “romantic” is not glorious defeat but the stunning fact of success.  “Victory” sounds better than mere mechanical “success”.

Why move the blog?

Some of you likely have followed me here from the old version of this blog at blogspot.  I moved the blog following Google’s decision to discontinue Reader, which seems rather round-about but the short version is that I decided to, ah, diversify the various places I host things.  It is not an entirely unprecedented move – I had two different Xanga blogs back when that was a thing.  Perhaps I am just not good with commitment.


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