A Look at the Ballot

I talk a lot of nonsense on here, but it’s time to pull some stuff down out of the realm of the theoretical and look at what’s actually going on next week – or this week, given the early voting thing.  A while back I wrote about the three things I consider most important, and look to candidates to maintain: personal honesty, integrity, and acceptance that absolutes exist; a commitment to the natural family as the bedrock of society; and a sense of responsibility for one’s actions and positions.  If I can get a candidate who hews even closer to my own predilections – on, say, matters of faith, or approaches to particular social problems – that’s great, but I tend to look for these things first.  I don’t always find them.

For United States President, I will not support either of the major party candidates.  The Democratic platform stands directly against two of my main tenets, while Trump personally is untrustworthy and lacks any character whatsoever.  Of the great number of other persons eligible – which fact’s lack of publicity is a public embarrassment to virtually all media outlets – I believe Evan McMullin’s candidacy best combines popular support and similarity to my own views.  I am also sympathetic to the Solidarity and America’s party platforms, though with some differences in each case.

In the United States Senate, an open election favors the Democratic party strongly in Maryland.  Their nominee for the seat contested this election, van Hollen, looks like a party line Democrat without any real redeeming features from my policy perspective.  The Republican candidate, Szeliga, seems more or less a “big government” Republican on the issues.  I will probably be voting for the Libertarian candidate Arvin Vorha, though I’m not in entire agreement on all issues, for reasons both of principle and practicality.  This is more of a “message” vote than a “preference” vote.

For the United States House of Representatives in Maryland’s 4th District, the betting’s also in favor of the Democratic party.  Anthony Brown likes his Federal money way too much, so if for no other reason he’s not getting my support.  He faces virtually no organized opposition – even the Republican candidate George McDermott appears to be mainly a stage prop, and one with some odd ideas – so this vote will probably also go to the (admittedly even less organized) Libertarian candidate Benjamin Krause.

A number of local judicial elections are contested: Maryland’s 7th Circuit Court district has five candidates for four seats, a race I have no real idea how to decide who to leave out if I even bother: three of the candidates are running to retain seats (one a short-term appointee), with two challengers.  Ingrid Turner may be the unlucky one, as I’m not sure what to make of somebody who’s run for two different positions in one campaign season.

A couple appeals court judges are up for continuance: no idea how to process this one, really.

There’s a Maryland Constitutional amendment proposed which would essentially ensure emergency appointments go to the same party they were held by before.  Uh, no.

Prince George’s county is proposing a number of bonds to raise money for the library system, the community college, the roads, and so forth.  I haven’t done any thorough investigation of needs vs. actual resources, so I’ll have to do that at some point.

There are a couple proposed changes to the county Charter as well: to add two “at large” council seat to the nine districted seats (unsure on this but lean favorable), and to require outside counsel in the case of a dispute between branches of the county government (this sounds reasonable but I really don’t know much about how these disputes are resolved).

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